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Mayor Hansel: October is EnergY Awareness Month

October 2, 2020 • Mayor George Hansel's proclamation designates October as “Energy Awareness Month” in Keene. The proclamation reaffirms the City’s commitment to its adopted energy goals, and it encourages residents, businesses, and others to get involved by attending local events planned throughout the month. Read the proclamation below.



WHEREAS, Since 1991, the US Department of Energy has designated October as Energy Awareness Month to raise awareness of the importance of sustainably managing the nation’s energy resources; and


WHEREAS, The City of Keene has been a leader in sustainable energy and climate action at the local level for over 20 years, and has reduced its energy use and made the switch to renewable and sustainable energy sources for municipal operations to reduce energy costs and avoid greenhouse gas emissions; and


WHEREAS, In January, 2019 the City Council of Keene adopted goals to move the City and community to 100% renewable sources of energy for electricity by 2030 and 100% renewable sources for thermal and transportation needs by 2050; and


WHEREAS, The City is currently in the process of developing a Sustainable Energy Plan to identify pathways, strategies, and tools to achieve the community’s energy goals by 2030 and 2050; and


WHEREAS, Residents and business owners of Keene can contribute to our sustainable energy progress by learning about and participating in energy related events and programs throughout the month of October, which are listed online at Keene Energy Plan dot com.


THEREFORE, I, George S. Hansel, Mayor, do hereby proclaim October 2020, as ENERGY AWARENESS MONTH in Keene, New Hampshire and urge citizens and business owners in Keene to join us in supporting our sustainable energy goals as we move together toward increased energy efficiency and cleaner energy sources, now and into the future.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand and the official seal of the City of Keene this 2nd day of October, 2020.


George S. Hansel, Mayor 

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