Dec. 8 Public Information Sessions

The City of Keene and the Community Power Committee are seeking input from residents, businesses, and property owners on the goals, features, and benefits of a Community Power program for Keene. Feedback will be used to inform the content of the Keene Community Power draft plan.


In January, a draft plan will be published on the Keene Energy Plan website and another round of outreach and public meetings will be held to solicit feedback on the plan.

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session 1

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Time: 12:00 PM

Location: Zoom (virtual)

How to Join:

  • Visit or call 888 475 4499 (Toll Free)

  • Enter the Webinar ID: 818 5861 5687 

session 2

Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: Zoom (virtual)

How to Join:

  • Visit or call 888 475 4499 (Toll Free)

  • Enter the Webinar ID: 834 0950 4916 

What is Community Power?

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Under NH RSA 53-E, municipalities can pool a community's total energy needs to make a bulk purchase of electricity. 


Community Power is a way for cities to get more energy from renewable resources, while possibly helping ratepayers save money on their energy bills, too. Listen to this audio guide to learn more about how Community Power programs work and how Keene could benefit.

Listen: What is Community Power?
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"We’re buying the electricity in bulk for the entire city. The city basically does that for your water. Why can’t they do it for your electricity?"

--Denis MacDougall, City of Medford, Mass.

Frequently asked questions

What is Community Power?

In a Community Power program (CPP), a municipality pools the town’s total energy demand and makes a bulk purchase of electricity for residents and businesses. Eversource is the utility that delivers energy to Keene. Eversource also buys energy on behalf of customers, too. With a CPP, Eversource would still deliver energy to Keene, but the City (not Eversource) would buy energy in bulk for residents and businesses.

How would Community Power help Keene?

1. More Local Choice: Keene would have more control over its energy mix, where it comes from, and how rates are set. 2. Supporting Keene’s Energy Goals: Because a CPP would give Keene control of its energy portfolio, Keene could choose to buy more energy from renewable sources. This can help Keene meet the goals of its 2019 Sustainable Energy Resolution. 3. Savings: Community Power may help Keene ratepayers save money. A CPP allows a municipality to choose when it buys energy, so Keene could potentially buy energy at a lower rate than Eversource’s default rate. Lower electricity rates mean lower electricity bills.

How would I participate in Community Power?

Keene residents who currently receive Eversource’s default energy supply would be automatically enrolled in the CPP. You’d get a notification from the City in the mail to let you know about this change.

How would I pay my bill?

You’d still pay your electricity bill to Eversource, just like before.

Would I be obligated to participate in Community Power?

No. You could opt out of the CPP at any time, without incurring a fee or penalty. This means you would continue to buy energy from Eversource or a competitive supplier.

Would I be charged a higher delivery rate?

No. The source of your energy doesn't influence the price of energy delivery.


On June 18, 2020, the Keene City Council approved the formation of an Ad-Hoc Community Power Committee (CPC). 

What is the role of the CPC?

The CPC is charged with developing an electric aggregation plan for the citizens of Keene.

To learn more about the Ad-Hoc CPC, please visit the City of Keene website.

Carole Collins of Greenfield, Mass., tells us how Greenfield ratepayers are saving money and meeting their sustainability goals with their community power program. Listen to the interview.

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