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The City of Keene has launched a dedicated website for the Keene Community Power Program. Please visit for the most recent program updates. 

What is Community Power?

Under NH RSA 53-E, municipalities can pool a community's total energy needs to make a bulk purchase of electricity. 


Community Power is a way for cities to get more energy from renewable resources, while possibly helping ratepayers save money on their energy bills, too. Listen to this audio guide to learn more about how Community Power programs work and how Keene could benefit.

Listen: What is Community Power?
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"We’re buying the electricity in bulk for the entire city. The city basically does that for your water. Why can’t they do it for your electricity?"

--Denis MacDougall, City of Medford, Mass.

Past Public Information Sessions

Please click below to watch a recording of the January 26, 2021 Public Info Session or the December 8, 2020 public information session. Both sessions were held on Zoom and were open to the public. 

January 26, 2021 Info Session

December 8, 2020 Info Session

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